Jamie Foxx has been back on the scene for a month and he’s already issuing an apology to the Jewish community over a recent Instagram post.

The Oscar-winning actor took to social media on Friday to address fake friends and fake love.

Jamie posted, “They killed this dude name Jesus…what do you think they’ll do to you???! #fakefriends #fakelove”

See a screenshot of the now-deleted post below.

Jamie Foxx Instagram post backlash antisemitic

Jennifer Aniston accuses Jamie Foxx of antisemitism after she’s called out for liking his post. 

An online media outlet, A Wider Frame, reposted Jamie’s post along with the caption:

Actor Jamie Foxx posts horrifically antisemitic message to his 16.7 million followers.

See the original post below.

When commenters noticed and began to call out Jennifer Aniston for liking Jamie’s post, she flipped the script and called the post antisemitic.

The “Morning Show” star reposted A Wider Frame’s post in her Instagram Story along with the caption: 

This really makes me sick. I did not “like” this post on purpose or by accident.

And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their feeds – I do NOT support any form of antisemitism.

And I truly don’t tolerate HATE of any kind. Period.

See Jennifer’s original post below.


Now, I only have one question for Jennifer Aniston: If you didn’t like Jamie’s post on purpose or “accidentally”…WHO DID?! 

Jennifer Aniston Instagram Like

Ma’am your name is sitting right there in the likes – plain and visible as day!

Jamie Foxx issues an apology to the Jewish community over his Instagram post.

The 55-year-old They Cloned Tyrone star wrote:

I want to apologize to the Jewish community and everyone who was offended by my post.

I now know my choice of words have caused offense and I’m sorry.

That was never my intent.

To clarify, I was betrayed by a fake friend and that’s what I meant with “they” not anything more.

I only have love in my heart for everyone.

I love and support the Jewish community.

My deepest apologies to anyone who was offended. ❤️❤️❤️

Nothing but love always, 

Jamie Foxx ❤️🦊🙏

See Jamie’s original apology below. 


The streets of Twitter are not here for Jennifer’s tomfoolery and they are making it known in their timelines.

Read a few Twitter reactions below.


This is nothing more annoying than being misunderstood or having your words misconstrued.

Jennifer Aniston is a wild girl for flipping on Jamie Foxx and leaning into a false narrative of antisemitism. 

But, the good news is now everyone is fully aware of how she gets down.

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