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Jamie Foxx Celebrates His 56th Birthday With Selfies & Gratitude

Jamie Foxx via Instagram

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx took to social media to celebrate his 56th birthday with a message of gratitude. 

The proud Sagittarius shared a photo carousel of selfies while sitting in his Rolls Royce along with the caption: 

This birthday is a special one…I wanna start by saying thank you to everyone that prayed for me when I was in a bad way… here lately I’ve been able to thank some of you personally but I want to say to all of you.

I NEEDED EVERY PRAYER… you lifted me through… I was able to make it to today because of your prayers…

I consider all of you my family… and thank you to my immediate family, and everybody who chipped in to make sure that I could celebrate on this day…

I’m sending our complete joy to everybody… Cause if it’s my birthday it’s your birthday….. #swipeleft #sagittarius

See Jamie Foxx’s original post below. 

Are any of you celebrating a birthday this month?

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