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Jacksonville Jaguars Released Star Running Back Leonard Fournette

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Monday morning the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS released their star running back Leonard Fournette after 3 successful seasons.

Leonard Fournette averaged 877 yards and 5 TD a year while playing for the JAGUARS, all while battling injuries and undergoing a suspension.

Fournette was suspended in 2018, his second year in the league, for one game for fighting Shaq Lawson of the BUFFALO BILLS.

Leonard had a reputation for being problematic within the organization, last year he was arrested in April for driving with a suspended license.

The JAGUARS said they pursued trading Fournette, but they got no serious offers.

I find that hard to believe...

According to ESPN, Fournette is owed $4.17 million if a team picks him up.

Last year Fournette rushed for 1,152 yards with 3 touchdowns, and he had 76 catches for 522 receiving yards.

The sports world was shocked by this news, and fans on twitter are remembering Fournette’s highlights, and speculating on who will pick him up.

Somebody check on Lil Duval.

Watch twitter reactions below:

What NFL team do you think would be a good fit for Leonard Fournette?

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