Jackie Johnson, the Brunswick District Attorney who blocked Ahmaud Arbery’s killers from being arrested, has been voted out of office. 

Brunswick attorney Keith Higgins, an independent, defeated the Republican incumbent 53% to 47% in Tuesday’s election.

When Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, hunted Ahmaud Arbery down on February 23 and killed him in the street, Johnson blocked police at the scene from arresting the McMichaels.

You may recall Gregory McMichael used to work for Johnson’s office as a private investigator.

Days after blocking their arrest, Jackie Johnson recused herself from the case.

Be clear, Jackie has BEEN problematic. 

Back in 2010, two Glynn County police officers fired into a car driven by 35-year-old mother Carolyn Small.

She was hit with eight bullets and died. 

Johnson ruled the shooting was justified. She was heavily criticized and ignored calls for Lt. Cory Sasser’s arrest.

Years later, Sasser ended up killing his estranged wife, another man, and himself.

Jackie Johnson was a rotting wound in Brunswick and I’m so proud of the citizens for booting her behind out of office.

Source: Action New Jax

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