I was Today-years-old when I learned I’ve been rapping “Top Billin,” one of my all-time favorite Hip Hop songs incorrectly for 33 years!

The classic joint from Audio Two dropped when I was a preteen and I remember loving the song so much that I recorded the song off of the radio, sat down, and wrote down all of the lyrics so I could learn the song faster.

Apparently, there was an error in my transcription.

For three decades, I thought Milk Dee said “suckers that’s down with me.” 

Turns out…he actually said, “suckers that’s down with nei….ther one of us.”

I would hang my head in shame and turn in my tethered Hip Hop card, but it appears some of the biggest names in entertainment and Hip Hop were rapping the same wrong lyrics too!

Skillz posted a video on Labor Day shedding light on the ultimate Hip Hop misquote.

Watch below:

Listen to “Top Billin” below:

Your thoughts?