Kevin Hart is trending on social media and by now I’m sure you can guess why.

The very successful comedian often finds himself at the center of “is he funny” debates and it happened again today on the wildly new social media app, Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is currently an invite-only app where people can enter various chat rooms to listen in or join discussions on various topics.

Welp. Today, there was a room titled, “Is Kevin Hart Funny?”

Kevin popped up in the room and things went totally left according to the streets of Twitter.

Listen to a portion of what Kevin said below.

Then, peep the tweets!

After all of that, Kevin Hart hopped on Twitter and said he had an “amazing conversation.”

Shortly thereafter, he took to Instagram with a totally different energy about calling his daughter a “hoe” in his stand-up special.

“Zero F**ks Given”

Relax…. #ComedicRockStarSh*t ….Go watch Zero F**ks Given Now on Netflix @netflixisajoke ……Let me make this clear…..THIS IS NOT AN APOLOGY….this is common sense…..also THIS IS WHY I MADE THIS SPECIAL!!!! This is why….now go stream that b**ch!!!!! Let’s goooooo #ItsComedyNotPolitics

Watch the video below:

I guess I’m in Kevin Hart Purgatory because I think there are times when he’s really funny, but that most recent Netflix stand-up special ain’t it.

What are your thoughts?

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