Denise Huskins (Courtesy of Netflix)

American Nightmare,” Netflix’s three-part documentary series about the home invasion and abduction of Denise Huskins, has left viewers in shock and outraged.

What Is ‘American Nightmare’ About?

One morning in March of 2015, the Vallejo, California police department got a strange phone call. 

My girlfriend got kidnapped last night,” said a young man, describing mysterious intruders who wore a scuba suit, drugged them, and were now asking for ransom. 

Although there was indeed a missing woman, the authorities were skeptical, and despite his unwavering account of the home invasion, the boyfriend quickly became the lead suspect in what they assumed was murder. 

When the woman unexpectedly appeared alive – hundreds of miles from where she was last seen – Vallejo P.D. tried out a new theory and declared it a hoax by an attention-seeking couple who’d wasted valuable police resources with their scam. 

But the cops overlooked a crucial possibility: what if something else happened here? 

From RAW and co-directors Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris (“The Tinder Swindler”), this three-part series is a damning indictment of the confirmation bias too often at play in our criminal justice system. 

Using bracing first-person interviews as well as news clips and never-before-seen police interrogation footage to reconstruct the kidnapping and its aftermath, they expose the truth of what happened here. 

American Nightmare” will challenge the assumptions of any true crime fan: How can we trust a news media so thirsty for clicks? 

Why are we still so reluctant to believe women? 

And what happens to victims when the institutions that are sworn to protect them… don’t? 

Watch The Trailer

After watching the 3-part documentary series, I took a moment to gather my thoughts, emotions, and feelings. 

Then, I ran like Forrest Gump to my Twitter timeline to see what others were saying about this mind-boggling case.

Read 25 totally accurate tweets about “American Nightmare” below.

Did you watch “American Nightmare?” 

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