Tony Humphrey was a star baseball player for Iona Prep in New Rochelle, New York until an assistant athletic director made a racist comment about his speed.

Tony decided to join the track team to improve his skill set, even though he had already committed to Boston College to play baseball after he graduates from high school.

An assistant athletic director approached Tony and asked why he was running track because he is already fast.

Tony replied, “I’m just trying to get faster, it never hurts to gain speed.”

The assistant athletic director then tells Tony that he gained his speed from running from the police.

Tony went home and shared the racist statement with his mother, and they promptly decided he would transfer to the public high school near his home.

Tony said he had reported other incidents of racism he experienced his freshman year at Iona Prep, but nothing was done.

Students staged a walk out in support of Tony, and the school released a statement and announced they will be performing an investigation.

If this mission statement is true why didn’t Iona Prepatory School follow up on the incidents of racism that Tony reported during his freshman year?

The assistant athletic director who made the racist statement has conveniently chosen to resign.

Watch the PIX News report below:

Shout out to Tony Humphrey for acknowledging his worth, and taking his talents where they will be appreciated not insulted.