An Indianapolis woman was killed after a shooting and multi-vehicle crash early Tuesday morning and the circumstances surrounding her death are extremely messy and unsettling.

According to Fox59, 40-year-old Jane Waughfield was driving a yellow Camaro around 9:30 a.m. near the intersection of Lafayette Road and West 30th Street when the shooting occurred.

She floored it and was driving between 90 and 100 mph when she slammed into a blue car.

The cars were destroyed. However, by God’s grace, the man in the blue car was able to exit the vehicle in one piece.

Jane was unresponsive. It’s unclear if she died from the gunshots or the crash.

Here’s where the plot thickens…

Before the shooting, Jane went live on Facebook and exposed two down-low men she walked in on engaged in a sexual act.

In the Live, Jane laughed as she said she told the men they would have to pay her to keep their secret.

At one point, Jane Waughfield said, “They chased me out of there. They were trying to kill me! If anything happens to me…know they tried to kill me today!”

Watch the footage below:

A photo outing a man as Gay was also on Jane’s Facebook profile.

Jane Waughfield

The Live video has reportedly been deleted, however, this case is far from over.

This story is developing and I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Please be mindful of what you post and say on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is getting deadlier by the day.

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