Iman Shumpert is clarifying a statement he made about checking his wife’s body for stretch marks after she gave birth to their second daughter.

Teyana Taylor and Iman welcomed baby girl Rue Rose on September 6.

According to a post on his Instagram Story, Iman says he searched Teyana’s body three times for stretchmarks after Rue’s delivery.

He confirmed, “Not one stretch mark.”

See his post below:

Apparently, some people found the flex to be insensitive given the fact that his wife had just given birth.

Iman Shumpert clarified his previous post with this statement:

There was some confusion in my dms about the “stretch mark” comment, I didn’t say something wrong with them. Nor did I mean for that to be a one up. I was a 12 lb 4 oz baby that my mom had naturally, I know what carrying a baby does to a woman’s body…I was just stating it’s impressive that my wife still has none.

To those women that do have “beauty marks” from their child, I hope ur man kisses every one of them to thank you for the children you brought into this world.

Love is love.

See his original post below:

It was the “searched” for me, however, I get that his intention was to praise his wife.

But, sis just had a whole baby let’s celebrate that first!

Congrats again!

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