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Idris Elba & Sabrina Elba Celebrate 1st Anniversary

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Idris Elba and his lovely wife, Sabrina Elba, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today.

The award-winning actor and the model tied the knot in Morocco after a year-long engagement.

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Sabrina took to Instagram on Thursday (April 23) and shared a beautiful clip from their wedding day with the caption:

Words can’t describe what I felt in this moment. Walking down the aisle and seeing the man of my dreams, my best friend, standing in front of me ready to make a bond that lasts forever.

You have changed my life, you have changed my world, you have changed my spirit. I thank you for the happiness you give me every day and the love you show me and my family. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

All the memories we’ve made it feel like a lifetime. Let’s celebrate today for our future and be thankful for the health and happiness we have. I love you Idris and I forever will. Happy anniversary ❤️ @idriselba

See Sabrina’s original post below:

Idris Elba and Sabrina Elba have already experienced in sickness and in health after the “Luther” star contracted COVID-19 and she stayed by his side and ultimately tested positive as well.

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They weathered the storm together and I am happy to report they are well and celebrating their first anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Elba.

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