Ice Cube is staying true to his word on being willing to work with any party that’s willing to work with him on his Contract With Black America.

It’s good to see he’s rolling with the blue team these days.

Cube says the Biden Administration reached out to him Tuesday, and they are working on scheduling a meeting to discuss his Contract With Black America.

Cube appeared on the “Daily Social Distancing Show” in October, prior to the election, and he explained the 13 bullet point plan which has a primary focus on the wealth gap.

Listen to Cube explain the plan in his own words in the video below:

We commend Ice Cube for pushing a plan for Black Americans to obtain some sense of economic equality in this country.

Despite the criticism and backlash he has received he has stayed persistent.

Change doesn’t happen in a day, and it’s usually the inactive people on the sidelines criticizing the person that’s attempting to make a change.

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Source: TMZ

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