My Falcons, they did it again, blew a 20 point lead because we won’t fire Dan Quinn.

Julio dropped a wide open pass, and I knew at that point our lead wouldn’t last.

But, that wasn’t the biggest blunder of all, on the onside kick, the Falcons didn’t jump on the ball.

Cam Newton and Greg Olsen embraced on the field.

The hug was kind of awkward, but the love was real.

After playing together for 9 years I can understand how they feel.

The Seahawks beat the Patriots on a goal line stand, Cam didn’t win it, but he’s still the man.

AD beat the Nuggets with a game winning shot, he scored their last 7 points, he really got hot.

Rondo said the play was called for LBJ, but when he looked him in his eyes he had nothing to say.

Witnesses, please explain to me why a man scared of the moment whining about MVP?

Shannon Sharpe and others claiming LeBron is better than Jordan is a JOKE.

LeBron stayed still last night, and AD looked like the GOAT.

Now everybody saying the Lakers going to sweep.

The Nuggets loss by 20, then by 2, and ya’ll telling me they can’t compete…

Watch Falcons blow the onside kick video below:

Watch video of Julio Jones dropping wide open pass below:

Watch video of Cam Newton and Greg Olsen reuniting on the field below:

Watch video of the Seahawks stopping Cam Newton at the goal line:

Watch video of AD hitting the game winning shot below:

Watch video of Rondo saying he made eye contact with LBJ below:

Watch video of LeBron being upset about MVP below:

Are you more of an NFL football fan or an NBA basketball fan?