Crystal Hefner, Hue Hefner’s Widow, Reveals She Had Everything Fake Removed From Her Body

Crystal Hefner revealed in a recent Instagram post that she stopped living for others, and she had everything fake removed from her body.

She said that she was suffering internally, and during her “Playboy” years she wasn’t sure if she felt empowered dressing scantly clad or if she felt it was expected of her.

Crystal was married to Hugh Hefner from 2012 until he passed in 2017.

He was 91-years-old when he passed.

She said she is 100% empowered by modesty these days and she feels so much better internally.

She admits that her following took a dive after she removed everything fake from her body and deleted all of her old photos.

Most of the followers that left were males, but now she says the tide has shifted and her female followers are giving the male followers a run for their money.

See Crystal’s original IG post below:

Crystal is now into traveling, investing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She is romantically linked to spaceship engineer Nathan Levi.

We wish Crystal Hefner all the best in the future, and hopefully her story inspires people who can relate to her struggle.

Source: Page Six

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