Turkey Leg Hut, a popular Houston eatery, is getting clowned in the streets of social media over their new dress code policy.

The policy was announced via their official Instagram page and it included the following statement:

Please know that we are a family friendly restaurant that serves all ages from children to adults daily and putting this dress code in place was necessary to ensure that all parties from our guests to our staff are dressed appropriately when in our establishment.

Unfortunately, due to the attire of some guests, we were forced to put this new policy in place as we remain committed to ensuring all guests are comfortable while visiting us.

We are not a club, we are a family friendly restaurant and will continue to maintain our standards as we welcome everyone to the Turkey Leg Hut!

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to having you visit us!

The new dress code prohibits:

  • No excessively revealing clothing.
  • No obscene language or baggy clothing.
  • No house attire.
  • No exposed undergarments. 
  • No Swimwear of any kind is allowed.

See the original post below.

Turkey Leg Hut is currently trending on Twitter as people clown the new dress code.

Peep a few tweets below.


What are your thoughts on the new dress code policy at Turkey Leg Hut?