Hosea Chanchez took to the streets of social media with fury as he blasted Black celebrities and business owners who are leading their people to the slaughter in the middle of the pandemic.

In a series of tweets, the actor, best known for his role as Malik Wright on “The Game,” called out black celebrities and business owners who disregard the health and safety of patrons during a pandemic for their own financial gain.

Black Celebrities, Restaurant, Club, Hookah & Strip Club owners, Etc – WAKE THE FK UP! Stop leading your people to the slaughter at the hands of this virus to gain profit and service your EGO! YOU are facilitating MASS extinction in OUR communities. THIS MUST STOP ????

To the Patrons of these Places, these “celebrities” hosting those events don’t give two shits about YOU or your family. They are ONLY there to make money, spread the virus, feed their EGOS and go back to their mansions with premium healthcare. THIS IS A TRAP!

Accountability lies beyond Governors & Governments when it comes to protecting OUR people. WE must be responsible for our Heath & families safety. MASS extinction from SUPER SPREADER events is at the hands of our OWN people. Stop this madness, protect US all & STAY yo ass inside!

See the original tweets below:

I appreciate Hosea Chanchez for saying something because I’ve seen numerous super spreader events where there isn’t a mask in sight.

Please be careful and protect yourselves at all times.

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