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Former presidential candidate Herman Cain passed away on Thursday morning (July 30) from Coronavirus.

Herman tested positive for coronavirus more than a month ago after attending President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

His official Twitter account made the announcement on July 2.

Just three days ago in an update, the account shared Herman Cain was being treated with oxygen in his lungs and that all of his other organs and systems were strong.

This morning, the account announced his passing:

You’re never ready for the kind of news we are grappling with this morning. But we have no choice but to seek and find God’s strength and comfort to deal… #HermanCain

See the tweet below:

Via NY Daily News:

Cain, a Georgia native, worked his way up through a series of companies, including Coca-Cola and Pillsbury, before landing at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1995.

He served as a senior advisor to Bob Dole’s presidential campaign in 1996 and ran for his own Senate seat in Georgia in 2004, but lost his primary to Johnny Isakson.

Cain ran for president in 2012 but dropped out after multiple accusations of sexual harassment.

Herman Cain was 74.