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It was “Grand Opening…Grand Closing” for Pete Davidson in the streets of Instagram.

The comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star joined the social media network and shortly after his first post, he deleted his account.

Kanye West promptly took to his social media account to gloat and take credit for running Kim Kardashian‘s new boyfriend off of the platform.

He shared screenshots of Pete’s deactivated page, with the caption:

Ran Skete off the gram Tell your mother I changed your name for life

See his original post below.

Kanye West reacts Pete Davidson deletes Instagram

Apparently, after Pete made his first post, his page was flooded with positive comments as well as negative comments from Kanye’s fans who were calling him “Skete” and telling him to “find God.”

A source close to Pete Davidson told Page Six:

Pete deleted his IG because immediately after his first post, he started receiving a flood of messages, both positive and negative, reminding him why he didn’t want social media to begin with.

He is in the middle of several big film projects and wants to continue to stay very focused on his work and the positive things happening in his life,” the source continued.

Kanye didn’t drive Pete off social media.

It sounds like Pete, who has been living in Kanye’s head rent-free since he started dating Kim, is protecting his peace and I’m not mad at that.

Meanwhile, back at the Calabassas Ranch…Kim is begging a judge to sign off on her divorce and noted that Kanye’s social media posts are causing her “emotional distress.”

I never understood why people withstand social media cyberbullying when all they have to do is log out or delete the page.

Source: Page Six