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Hazel-E Explains How Her Fibroids Has Impacted Her Pregnancy

Hazel E is going to be a mommy!

The former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star, who is expecting her first child with Devon Waller, took to social media on Friday to share how her uterine fibroids have impacted her pregnancy.

Hazel wrote:

I’m carrying big because I have uterine fibroids. It’s caused me to have two miscarriages in the past.

But this little baby found room to implant and grow away from them. My Doctors said we were blessed to have natural conception.

I’m so thankful, because this was God’s doing and on His time. 18 weeks and growing ???

See her original post below:

70 percent of white women and 80 to 90 percent of black women will develop uterine fibroids by age 50. 

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I wish Hazel E a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

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