The news of the passing of Natalie Desselle Reid left the entertainment industry and fans heartbroken.

Natalie’s passing was especially hard for those who have experienced her beautiful spirit firsthand.

Halle Berry, who starred opposite of Natalie in the classic 1997 film, B*A*P*S, took to social media writing:

i’m in total shock. completely heartbroken. gonna need a minute. #RIP @nataliedessellereid

After gathering herself she offered these words:

I’m still processing this devastating news – and as I continue to read all of your kind words, memories of Natalie continue to flood back to me.

@iamroberttownsend facilitated our divine connection by uniting us in roles that would change our lives and impact our culture for generations to come. I am forever grateful for that moment. Natalie was one of the most precious people I’ve ever known. The second I met her our hearts were intertwined – we had a connection that was simply unexplainable, and she stayed her same sweet self all the years I knew her.

Natalie taught us love, joy and humor through her characters – she could never dim her light, and it was infectious. With her I laughed harder than I’d ever laughed before. She showed us it was ok to be goofy and funny while still being sincere and extraordinarily kind. She and I would hoot and holler over every #BAPS tribute we came across, sending them back and forth to one another, overwhelmed that our on screen friendship meant as much to you as it did to us. She was especially humbled by that, as am I.

Natalie represented actual black women, not what black women are perceived to be. For that she was often underrated, passed over – deprived of the platform she truly deserved. But her light continues to shine through the people who grew up watching her, the people who knew her best and those of us who loved her.

Above all, she was a daughter, wife, friend and mother ; and my heart is with her entire family, especially with Leonard, Sereno, Summer and Sasha. I’ll love you forever my sweet friend. ima miss you Nat Dog !

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Eve, who co-starred with Natalie Desselle Reid on her self-titled comedy series, “Eve,” for three years, took to Instagram writing:

Can’t believe it. Rest in Peace @nataliedessellereid thank you for your light and spirit. Prayers, peace and blessings. Please pray for her family ?????

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Natalie will be sorely missed and forever loved.

Rest In Paradise.