On the most recent episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Vanessa Simmons tells Tee Tee the rumor Egypt has been spreading about her fiancé Shawn Rogers cheating on her.

Upon hearing the rumor, Tee Tee is visibly upset and she said she is mixed with anger, disgust, and pity that Egypt and Pepa would go to this extend to hurt her.

Watch the video clip below:

As Tee Tee mentioned in the clip, prior to this rumor there was a rumor that she was attracted to Egypt’s fiancé Sam, which led to Tee Tee distancing herself from Pep and Egypt because they actually believed the rumor was true.

I believe Sam fabricated the whole story.

Watch the video clip below:

At the end of the day, Egypt was wrong for putting Tee Tee’s personal business out to the streets. She broke family code.

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