Grubgate: Grubhub’s New York ‘Free Lunch’ Promo That Wasn’t Really Free Goes Bonkers

A lie don’t care who tell it was proven on Tuesday (May 17) by Grubhub’s New York “free lunch” promotion that wasn’t really free.

Grubhub announced a “free lunch” promotion last week for New Yorkers between the hours of 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM today (May 17).

But the lunch wasn’t really free it was discounted by $15 with the promo code “FREELUNCH” with the understanding that “users would be responsible for any applicable tax, fees, and optional tip.”

As karma would have it, the Grubhub app and website began crashing and glitching shortly after 11:00 AM.

According to a Grubhub spokesperson, “During the Free Lunch promotional period redemptions were six times higher than a similar promotion we launched in 2021, and at times we were averaging six thousand orders per minute.” 

Basically, Grubhub did not secure the resources to fulfill all the orders they were receiving, and things got messy quickly.

Frustrated customers vented on Twitter.

Scoop some tweets below:

Shouts out to the Grubhub promo department… DO BETTER!!!

Source: EATER

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