I am super excited to report Deborah Joy Winans is pregnant!

The “Greenleaf” star is expecting a baby boy with her husband, Terrence Williams.

Deborah shared the exciting news as well as her concerns about her high-risk pregnancy in an exclusive interview with Essence magazine. 

You see, the 37-year-old actress has multiple fibroids – eight to be exact and one of them is the size of a watermelon. 

Doctors recommended she undergo a surgery similar to a cesarean to remove all of them. 

Just as she was preparing to seek a second opinion about the surgery, she learned she was pregnant. 

Under her doctor’s care, she is hoping to carry her baby boy to at least 28 weeks. 

As long as I can get to 28, we should be okay. Once we get to 28 weeks, [my doctor] knows that he’ll be good and healthy if he came that early. So, 28 is the goal.

Deborah Joy Winans opened up about her struggles trying to film Sisterly Christmas during her first trimester. 

I had all of the basic things like throwing up, feeling nauseous that you would have in your first trimester on top of my fibroids degenerating and just causing the absolute worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life and still trying to do this movie and get home.

For the first 17 weeks of her pregnancy, Deborah was bracing herself for a miscarriage. 

I’m super excited. I think it took me, I think week 17. I just was prepared in my mind for a miscarriage. And so, I didn’t really allow myself to kind of get attached.

And then week 17, I went to my high risk doctor and he did a sonogram and I saw his face and I was like, ‘Oh, I got to meet him!’

I’m so excited for Deborah! 

Please join me in sending up a prayer for the safe arrival of her baby boy.

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