Hulu has snatched an episode of “The Golden Girls” from 1988 that contains a scene with characters in blackface. 

In the episode titled, “Mixed Feelings,” Dorothy’s son, Michael (Scott Jacoby), was planning to marry a much older black woman named Lorraine (Rosalind Cash).

Dorothy (Beatrice Author) took issue with their age difference and Lorraine’s family did not approve of her marrying a white man, so the families attempted to stop the marriage. 

When Lorraine’s family arrived, Rose (Betty White) and Blanche (Rue McClanahan) greet the family while wearing a new mud face treatment. 

They tell Lorraine’s family, “This is mud on our faces, we’re not really Black.”

Watch a portion of the episode below:

Hulu has removed the episode of “The Golden Girls” as they continue to scrub episodes from their platform due to blackface and other racially insensitive or offensive content. 

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Source: Variety