A GoFundMe account has been started to help Coby Daniel and his family financially as they deal with the trauma of him being shot in the arm by his neighbor.

Coby was shot in the arm last weekend in Ypsilanti, Michigan by his neighbor Ryan Le-Nguyen because he left his bicycle on Ryan’s property.

According to Coby’s father, Arnold Daniel, Coby has been struggling mentally trying to grasp why his neighbor shot him.

Arnold said Coby has not slept in his own bed since the shooting, and he had previously slept in his own bed since he was two.

Arnold has scheduled an appointment with a therapist next week to help Coby properly process his thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Arnold has taken time off of work to care for Coby and to deal with his own anxiety from the shooting.

The GoFundMe states that the family is struggling to make ends meet, and they are appreciative of anything anyone has to offer.

At the time of this post the GoFundMe was at $757 with a goal of $30,000.

Daniel admitted that his anxiety subsided a bit when Ryan Le-Nguyen’s bond was revoked, and he was taken back into custody.

Ryan Le-Nguyen was initially released on a $10,000 cash bond, but due to public outcry of how low the original bond was, his bail has been increased to $100,000.

Prayerfully, the Daniel family gets the help they need to mentally deal with this situation and Coby Daniel makes a full recovery without any physical complications.

Source: TMZ

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