GloRilla Reveals She Was Raised In The Church & Her Middle Name Is Hallelujah

GloRilla is on cloud nine after receiving her first Grammy nomination for her infectious hit single, “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).”

The 23-year-old rapper, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance alongside DJ Khalid featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, John Legend and Fridayy (“God Did”), Doja Cat (“Vegas”), Gunna & Future featuring Young Thug (“Pushin P”), and Kendrick Lamar (“The Heart Part 5”).

Glo took to Twitter to share her excitement writing:

The same song they was clowning me & my friends about saying we was Ugly & Dusty just got nominated for a Grammy!!!!!!!!! WHEN GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE YOU CANNOT FAIL ??

See her original tweet below.

GloRilla recently revealed on “The Angie Martinez Show” that she was raised in the church, and her middle name is Hallelujah.

The host of the show, Angie Martinez, told GloRilla that she read in her bio that her full government name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, and Gloria explained:

I’m number eight, my mama got 10 kids.

Yeah, and I’m number eight.

Okay so Gloria Woods is my daddy mama name, my grandma, I never met her she died before I was born.

And so I was named after her, but my mama just added the little sauce to it and put Hallelujah right there.

She said her mother used to always tell her, since she was a little girl, “I marked you with that name.”

GloRilla also revealed that she grew up in a household with nine siblings, three sisters, and six brothers.

She said they were raised in the church, and they went three times a week.

We went to church like three times a week, for Tuesday for choir rehearsal, so Wednesday for Bible study, then Sunday service, then we was at Sunday school and everything.

GloRilla said her mama doesn’t really trip on her lyrics because she acknowledges that she is a grown woman, and even though her mama raised her in the church she wasn’t sheltered from the real world.

She also revealed in the interview that when she dropped her hit single “FNF,” which Cardi B declared the song of the summer, she was taking label meetings the next day.

Near the end of the interview (20:07 mark), she revealed that she wrote “FNF” during a time when she and her friend decided to go on a 60-day cleanse because they were going through financial and relationship struggles at the time.

It was like me and my friend we said we was gonna go 60 days no dude, no clubs and parties, no drinks, but we cheated on the drinks part.

We was going through something, like, we was like we can’t go into 2022 the same way we was last year, you know, we was… just had a lot going with the dudes one, then, you know, we were like we gotta get our life together, like, we can’t keep living like this so we was like okay we’re gonna go on a cleanse.

We ain’t gonna talk to no dudes because I feel like that’s a uh… distraction.

We like no partying, going out, you know, saving money.

It was something else… Oh, we was exercising!

I was staying on social media because the fact I had to promote my music still so social media wasn’t a big part, but I was just like I ain’t gonna post normal, I’m just gonna only post my music.

Then in the midst of that because it was supposed to last from March the first to May the first, and in the midst of that in April I made “FNF,” and that was towards the end of April, almost the end of the 60 days, and I blew up! 

I’m like it must work then, that 60 day cleanse.

Like I said it was financial stuff we was going through.

Then, yeah I was going through… I had just really got over a breakup.

I already said it in a few of my song, so they gonna hear it, so I can talk about it now.

I had just had an abortion, and so I’m like um, you know, I gotta cleanse because I didn’t feel the same after that, you know, I had a lot of mental changes so I’m like okay no more dudes, we just gone cleanse.

I was really really going through something at the beginning of the year, and the end of last year.

I was just losing friends, and not like I said we was just saying something gotta give this year we can’t go into this year the same way we’ve been.

Watch the clip of the GloRilla interview from “The Angie Martinez Show” below:

GloRilla’s debut EP, “Anyways, Life’s Great…” is available on all digital streaming platforms (DSPs).

Congrats to Glo on her Grammy nomination and all of her success!

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