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A racist text message sent to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is now under investigation by Georgia’s top law enforcement official.

Mayor Bottoms took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted a screenshot of the vile text that read, “N***er, just shut up and RE-OPEN ATLANTA!”

She captioned the photo:

With my daughter lookong over my shoulder, I received this message on my phone. I pray for you.

“Conscientious stupidity or sincere ignorance.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 

See the post below:

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has been tirelessly advocating and encouraging people to stay safe at home, a directive which totally opposes Governor Brian Kemp’s attempt to prematurely reopen the state in the middle of a pandemic.

A group of about a dozen Democratic lawmakers came together and called on Attorney General Chris Carr to investigate the despicable text noting that the “text message purported to be from an official State of Georgia email account.”

Though it is unlikely this came from a sanctioned georgia.gov account, we request that your office immediately investigate to make sure that a State employee did not send this text message.

In the more likely event that this text came from a spoof account purporting to be from a georgia.gov email address, we also request that your office investigate and determine the culprits behind this intimidating message.

Less than an hour after receiving the letter, AG Carr directed his office’s prosecution division to investigate who sent the text.

I sincerely hope they track down the person who sent that text and make an example out of them!

Source: AJC