The Dallas exotic dancer who went viral over the weekend after she fell off of a 15-foot pole and plummeted to the stage is recovering after undergoing surgery for her injuries.

Genea Sky suffered a fractured jaw, broken teeth, and a sprained ankle according to a video she posted on Instagram.

She captioned the video:

This isn’t for attention. This video is to update everyone and thank you guys for all the love and support. I’m truly blessed and I appreciate everyone’s kind messages. Thank you so much ???

Fighting back tears, Genea said:

I am having a hard time, but I am okay and I’m going to be okay. It’s just a really humbling experience to just be alive.

I’m really thankful for that.

Watch her video below.

Genea Sky underwent surgery on Monday to repair her jaw and teeth.

She offered this update:

Today has been a very long day. My surgery went well. My jaw is currently wired shut so please refrain from calling me as of right now and bare with me on replies because my phone hasn’t stopped blowing up.

Everyone’s love & kind words have not gone unnoticed whatsoever and it means so much to me that all of you have blessed me and uplifted me in so many ways. I am overwhelmed in the best way by all the support.

I was really nervous as this all started blowing up because people are cruel and this is a very sensitive time for me. But I never imagined so many people would stand behind me in a situation like this and that has outweighed all the negativity by far.

I am beyond grateful for you all. I am in a tremendous amount of pain but i am ready for this road to recovery so I can get back to my life. I will continue to update everyone over the course of my recovery but thank you once again for EVERYTHING ??

See the original post below:

A GoFundMe has also been launched to help Genea pay for her medical and living expenses while she recovers.

She took a moment to offer clarity about it…

I wish Genea Sky a full and speedy recovery. This really could have been so much worse!

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