Gary Owen took to the streets of Mark Zuckerberg‘s Instagram and posted a photo of himself with a band-aid on his head along with a story about how he got jumped by two dudes.

To the 2 guys that tried to jump me have fun tonight in jail. You should be embarrassed that you snuck up behind me had at least 10 free shots before I knew what was going on. Trailer park tough homies. Never went down.

I was swinging like Cuba Gooding Jr. In Boyz In The Hood. Not sure if I hit anyone or not but the 2 guys ran away when they realized I wasn’t going to just sit there and get beat up without fighting back. I’m good a few stitches nothing crazy.

At the end of his caption, he hashtagged: #ThisWholePostWasALie #SmallScrap

Unfortunately, reading is fundamental and most folks on social media don’t take the time to read. So, many of his fans and commenters were concerned for him.

One fan wasn’t feeling the photo altogether. She wrote:

This pic is giving Derek Chauvin when he was in court. I don’t like it.

See Gary’s original post below.

If you want attention…just say that! And he’s definitely giving Derek Chauvin in court. ????

I saw the pic and immediately thought Kenya Duke‘s cousins had finally caught up with him.

Your thoughts?