Pebblebrook High School students in Mableton, Georgia were honoring Breonna Taylor during the morning announcements when their forensic science teacher chimed in and said “she put herself in that position.”

At the beginning of the audio clip, the teacher Susan McCoy tells someone that “Dr. G was on the morning announcement reading about Breonna Simpson…”

She doesn’t even know the correct name, which is the first sign that she should’ve kept her opinion to herself.

Listen to the audio from the virtual class below:

It was very encouraging to hear the students set Ms. McCoy straight on the facts of the case. She clearly had her preconceived notions and ran with a narrative that suited her.

The irony is that she is a forensic science teacher and she is clueless about what took place the night Breonna Taylor was murdered.

We learned from the news report that the students wore black on that Friday in anticipation of the Kentucky senate passing a bill to restrict no-knock warrants and to mark the end of Black History Month. A day of celebration was ruined by Susan McCoy.

Watch the news report below:

Many students took to social media demanding that Ms. McCoy be fired for her insensitive remarks. The school is still investigating, and Ms. McCoy has issued a video apology to her students.

Watch Ms. McCoy’s video apology in the news report below:

Ms. McCoy could have easily apologized for her actions when her students gave her the facts on the case, but she chose to hold firm to her beliefs.

Now that her job may be in jeopardy she recognizes the hurt that she has caused… typical!

Do you think Susan McCoy’s apology is sincere?


  1. She’s a liar and she doesn’t value African Americans or our lives and shouldn’t be teaching anyone.

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