Dear Funkmaster Flex,

Please have a seat. Your recent conversation with Page Six, condemned people posting pictures of themselves with DMX after news broke of his recent hospitalization. Industry people to be exact.

DMX has been extremely candid about his addiction issues for decades.

Not everyone who encountered X did him well, but no one knows the true backstory of these relationships. Yes; some people are seeking attention, but overall everyone is hoping for his recovery.

So how is this statement helping anything? 

You crossed the line with the Nipsey Hussle comparison. Just stop.

Many people supported Nip before he was taken from us. Quite a few celebrities purchased his $100 mixtape; “Crenshaw” quietly just to support his movement. He was just breaking through to the masses with Victory Lap when tragedy struck.

The same “industry folk” and “washed up rappers” that made the pilgrimage to purchase merchandise directly from The Marathon Store understand that doing so helped his cause and his family. 

If these people had not expressed well wishes publicly, you would have condemned them just the same.

The same “clout” you claim people are seeking by posting photos of themselves with X is the same clout you would have demonized them for seeking if they publicized trying to help him behind the scenes. 

Funkmaster Flex

Should we have started a GoFundMe when you went on a press circuit bashing Jay-Z?

Was it a cry for help when you decided to get a BBL on Instagram Live?

We didn’t know we should have been worried and sent industry execs and alumni over to check on you. 

Funkmaster Flex, as long as people are lifting X up in prayer, do your part and just shut up.

K, Thanks, Bye!