Frontier Airlines passenger Max Berry was on his third alcoholic beverage before he ended up being duct-taped to his seat for wilding on the flight.

The Frontier flight was headed to Miami from Philadelphia and Max gave high altitude tomfoolery.

After he allegedly groped one flight attendant’s backside and another attendant’s breast, Max went on a full-blown rant.

He dropped F-bombs all over the place. A flight attendant approached him about his behavior and they started tussling.

A flight attendant taped Berry to his seat, but he continued to rant. He told one Black passenger, “I’m White… I’m sorry, and I can’t change that.”

Many passengers began to tell Berry to shut up, and the attendant he tussled with earlier, returned and taped his mouth closed.

Berry started screaming, “Help,” as he wiggled his way free from the mouth tape.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video below of the attendant taping Berry’s mouth from a different angle:

Something about these videos reminds me of the movie, Soul Plane.

Max Berry is facing multiple counts of battery, and he was released after posting $4500 bail.

The flight attendant who taped Berry to his seat has been suspended pending an investigation.

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Source: TMZ