Using the right words while communicating and offering leadership are the two main lessons students can learn from the 1957 thrilling movie “12 Angry Men”. Although there is a newer colored version of the movie, the original black and white version will keep you glued to your screen. 

12 jurors are seated in a courtroom mandated with the task to decide if a teenage boy is guilty of murdering his father. Students can learn several life lessons from this classic movie. 

Your inner persuasion is incredibly powerful 

When choosing a future career, a student must be ready to invest in it in terms of extensive study in the university. You might hear mixed voices from people around you, with each giving their opinion on what’s best for you. However, amid all the voices, you must follow the inner voice that persuades you beyond doubt. 

In this incredible movie for students, juror number 8 feels persuaded to reconsider the case and is ready to go against the other juror’s decisions. In his opening remarks, he states that he’s not certain if the boy is guilty or not, but all that he wants is to talk out the issue. 

Whenever possible, offer leadership

While in college, most students might feel they have a right to certain benefits or a right to believe in a certain way, even if it’s not the right way or the right benefit. If you are convinced otherwise, you don’t have to follow the majority just because you are alone. You can offer leadership and talk reason into the minds of the entire student population and they will eventually agree with you. 

This is the virtue you will find in juror 8 who voted not guilty when all the rest jurors voted guilty. He offered leadership in a sensitive moment and by the end of the day, the not guilty vote was 12 out of 12. 

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Patience is a virtue

As a student, sometimes you can be faced with difficult situations that require you to make a concrete, once-in-a-lifetime decision. If you rush into making the decision, you might live to regret the rest of your life but if you take time and think deeply about each point, you will appreciate the decision you made for the rest of your life. 

This is the mistake the 11 jurors were about to make after they hurriedly made a unanimous judgment that the boy was guilty without taking time to study the details. After they revisited their decision, they realized they had made a mistake that would have seen the boy hanged or jailed for life. 

There are many movies that are educative and contain many lessons students can learn. The students can apply the lessons they learn in their college life or their career life. It is important to choose the right movie to watch to learn positive life lessons. 

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Keep insisting on an issue you feel certain about

Your inner convictions could differ from everyone else’s because each person views situations from different perspectives. If you feel your view towards the situation is correct beyond any reasonable doubt, keep insisting and keep following your path until you prosper

In the 12 jurors, eleven jurors were opinionated differently against one juror. Because of his beyond doubt convictions, he kept insisting until his fellow jurors felt convinced differently. 


People have different ways of judging situations but it doesn’t mean their view is always right. The solution when people find themselves disagreeing on issues is for one to offer leadership and help the entire group dialogue until they find a solution. This is a major lesson students can learn from the movie “12 Angry Men.”

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