A business professor at Fort Valley State, an HBCU in Georgia, is under investigation for allegedly mocking Trayvon Martin‘s death by telling his students, “Take your hoodie off… you’re not going for skittles and sweet tea.”

Janei Dortilus, a student at Fort Valley State, posted on Twitter soon after the professor made the ridiculous comment.

See tweet below:

The tweet was shared multiple times, which prompted the University to take action.

Because we take our students’ experience very seriously and want to promote the highest level of student success in a positive environment — in following the University’s protocols, we immediately opened an investigation into this complaint to clearly understand what occurred.

Janei also emailed the university President Paul A. Jones to express her outrage over the professor’s insensitive comment.

As you can imagine, I am filled with repugnance, rage, indignation and frustration.

This unfathomable behavior should not be tolerated at my university, or any other institution for that matter.

The campus community is calling for the professor to be disciplined.

The university claims they are withholding comment on the incident to ensure “that the integrity of the investigation is maintained.”

Shout out to Janei Dortilus for exposing the professor’s words to the world and taking action to demand some accountability.

Source: Miami Herald