A Florida man put on a show during a traffic stop until the police put a shock to it!

Richard Wolfe, 57, of Crystal River, was pulled over by officers on Tuesday morning for reckless driving.

When he exited his vehicle, Richard leaned back on his SUV, threw his hands in the air, and began thrusting his hips at the officer. 

Then, Richard Wolfe dropped down and started throwing dat @zz in a circle. 

After he approached the officer, and taunted him in a fighting stance, Richard began twerking again.

Keep in mind all of this is going down in the pouring rain.

Another officer arrived at the scene and he clearly didn’t have the patience for the nonsense so he tased Richard Wolfe and they took him into custody.

Authorities said Richard had a knife that he threw in the grass. He allegedly told the officer at the scene:

What are you scared of? I got knives, you got a gun!

Watch video of the incident courtesy of Drew Benefield.

Richard Wolfe was charged with resisting an officer without violence, fleeing an officer during a traffic stop and reckless driving.

Florida man strikes again!

Source: NY Daily News

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