A Miami, Florida man is facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly chased down an unarmed burglar and shot him several times. 

Corthoris Jamal Jenkins was minding his business and playing video games in the bedroom of his efficiency when suspected burglar, Xavier West, stormed inside. 

Instead of calling the police, Jenkins grabbed his assault-style rifle, chased West down the street, and shot him several times while West was on his knees begging for his life.

Corthoris Jenkins, 28, first told police he “blacked out” prior to shooting West. But, during his hearing on Wednesday, he told the Judge Mindy Glazer, “I didn’t shoot him while he was on the ground. I’m the victim, ma’am.”

Glazer told him, “ You’re the victim of a potential burglary, but you can’t just go around shooting people.”

Prosecutors say video evidence proves Jenkins’ actions were premeditated.

“He had time for reflection as he’s pointing the gun as he’s begging on his knees,” the judge said. “That’s premeditation.”

West is recovering at the hospital and is reportedly intubated from his injuries.

Jenkins is being held without bond. 

Source: NY Post

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