Flavor Flav buys entire Red Lobster menu (Twitter)

Flavor Flav is taking his love for Red Lobster to the next level, and he’s making sure everyone knows about it.

On Monday, June 10, the iconic seafood chain announced a partnership with the hip-hop legend to celebrate the return of Crabfest, their annual seafood extravaganza.

A Flavorful Partnership

The commercial kicks off with the unmistakable voice of Flavor Flav, 65, exclaiming, “Yeah Boyeeeee!”

He addresses the rumors about Red Lobster’s potential disappearance with his signature flair: “When the internet said Red Lobster is going away, boy Flavor Flav said not today!”

This enthusiastic declaration sets the tone for the partnership, combining the rapper’s vibrant personality with Red Lobster’s beloved seafood offerings.

The Crabfest Comeback

Flavor Flav’s dedication to Red Lobster isn’t new. Following the chain’s bankruptcy filing in May, Flav took to X (formerly Twitter) to show his support.

He revealed that he had made a massive purchase at one of the locations, saying, “Ordered the whole menu.”

His commitment to the brand shines through in the new Crabfest ad, where he proudly announces the event’s return: “Crabfest is here boyee and they got two flavors – just like me, Flavor Flav.”

He highlights the main attractions of Crabfest: roasted garlic and the new cajun butter, which he describes as part of the “most bonafide comeback yet.”

The commercial closes with Flav’s unmistakable energy: “It’s Crabfest at Red Lobster, boyeeeee. When you got to have seafood, you got to have Red Lobster.”

What’s on the Menu?

Crabfest offers guests a full pound of steamed wild-caught crab legs with flavor options or simply steamed.

Additionally, Red Lobster is introducing new dishes, including a $20 creamy crab carbonara, a crab and lobster duo, and a snow crab and crab-topped steak.

These delectable options are sure to delight seafood lovers and fans of Flavor Flav alike.

Watch the official promotional video below.

Flav’s Dedication Goes Viral

Flavor Flav’s initial support for Red Lobster went viral, showcasing his genuine enthusiasm for the brand.

Alongside a photo of himself with tables full of Red Lobster fare—everything from chips and calamari to the restaurant’s signature crustacean—he wrote, “Ya boy meant it when I said I was gonna do anything and everything to help @redlobster and save the cheddar bay biscuits.”

In an Instagram post featuring the same photo, Flav revealed he wasn’t dining alone.

He brought his whole family to enjoy the feast, with his daughter Dazyna hinting at her presence by sharing her dad’s post on her Instagram account.

She amplified his mission with a simple yet powerful message: “Save the biscuits!!!!”

Red Lobster’s Challenges

Flavor Flav’s partnership comes at a critical time for Red Lobster.

The company, known for its iconic cheddar bay biscuits and endless shrimp deal, filed for bankruptcy amid growing debt.

According to the Associated Press, a court filing on May 19 revealed that the chain filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Florida, just days after shutting down dozens of restaurants.

In a statement on the day of the filing, Red Lobster outlined its plan to “drive operational improvements, simplify the business through a reduction in locations, and pursue a sale of substantially all of its assets as a going concern.”

A Flavorful Future

Flavor Flav’s partnership with Red Lobster not only brings back the beloved Crabfest but also highlights his passion for the brand and its iconic dishes.

As Red Lobster navigates through its financial challenges, the rapper’s enthusiastic support and the exciting new menu items are sure to draw customers back to the seafood chain.

So, get ready to experience the ultimate seafood celebration and join Flavor Flav in saying, “Yeah Boyeeeee!”

I can’t front…seeing those cheddar bay biscuits in that promo video is about to make me pull up!

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