Rapper Fatboy SSE recently remade Biz Markie’s classic song “Just A Friend”, and he did a pretty good job.

You may remember Fatboy SSE from social-media, making crazy videos on Instagram, but he has flipped those crazy videos into a respectable music and acting career.

He stayed true to form with the “Just A Friend” video with the piano scene and the shots of him and his wife. He even added a beautiful surprise at the end of the video.

Watch Fatboy SSE’s “Just A Friend” video below:

When you remake a classic you have to be very careful to do it justice, and I believe Fatboy SSE did the video justice.

Are you scooping or scrapping Fatboy SSE’s “Just A Friend” video?

Just for nostalgia sake view Biz Markie’s original “Just A Friend” video below:

Biz Markie’s video brings back so many memories of a simpler time, but shouts out to Fatboy SSE for keeping the song alive and introducing those that may not know to a classic.

What’s your favorite Biz Markie song?

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