Falynn Guobadia took to the streets of social media on Thursday to share her unpleasant experience with designer Michael Costello.

It appears Michael opened Pandora’s box when he attempted to put the nail in Chrissy Teigen‘s coffin.

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On the heels of Chrissy’s apology for her past trolling ways, Mikey jumped on Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram and accused Chrissy of bullying him to the brink of suicide. He also said she purposely tried to block opportunities from him in an effort to ruin his career.

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Unfortunately, Michael’s empathy was short like leprechaun’s because his own meany tea started to spill on aisle 9.

Leona Lewis took to social media to detail her unpleasant experience with Michael in 2014 that she says left her feeling insecure.

Now, Falynn Guobadia has entered the chat with a story of her own claiming her experience with Michael extinguished her fashion modeling aspirations.

In her IG Story, she commented on Leona’s experience writing:

What’s unfortunate about this story is I had this same experience with Michael Costello, except as a model. And bc of this traumatic experience, unfortunately, it was the end of my pursuit to become a fashion model. I just couldn’t bare the embarrassment. Him/his team made me feel very uncomfortable and inadequate.

Read all of Falynn’s posts below.

Michael took to Instagram on Wednesday and released a statement saying he’s not going to address anymore issues in regards to false statements about him.


My spidey senses are telling me there are more Michael Costello stories to come.

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