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Faizon Love Thinks Katt Williams Is The Most ‘Overrated’ Comedian

Faizon Love and Katt Williams via YouTube

Faizon Love said Katt Wiliams is the most “overrated” comedian in a resurfaced interview from 10 months ago.

In the re-released clip, the comedian and Friday actor said:

It’s all mouth and no product.

Where’s his successful movies? Where’s his successful TV show?

He did a stand-up…okay. He did 19 of those.

Where’s he great at? Greatness is consistent. 

Faizon added that Katt is simply a “one-trick pony.” 

Watch the clip below. 

During Katt Williams’ viral “Club Shay Shay” interview…not only did he coin the new phrase, “Fat Faizon Liar,” but he also noted Faizon Love has no business talking about real stand-up comedians:

Faizon [Love] said getting a Netflix special is easy. I have 12 specials.

Guess how many Faizon got? Zero.

Why is he allowed to have conversations about real stand-up people?

We do not let people who are on the juice discuss real athletes.

Watch the clip below.

Twitter has been having a field day with the phrase “Fat Faizon Liar.”

Read a few tweets below.

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Do you agree with Faizon Love? Do you think Katt Williams is overrated? 

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