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‘Eva The Owlet’: Apple TV+ Releases Trailer For Animated Series

Eva the Owlet - Apple TV+
Eva the Owlet Key Art - Apple TV+

When the sun goes down, adventure takes flight. Apple TV+ has released the official trailer for the forthcoming animated series, “Eva the Owlet,” and it’s super cute!

About The Series:

The series stars Eva, a creative, cheeky owlet who lives next door to her best friend Lucy in the woodland world of Treetopington. 

With big ideas and an even bigger personality, Eva goes on high-flying adventures, expressing herself in her diary along the way!

The Cast:

Vivienne Rutherford as Eva, Jessica DiCicco as Eva’s mom, Dino Andrade as Eva’s dad, and Leith Burke as Mr. Swoopington.

Premiere Date:

March 31, 2023, only on Apple TV+

Watch The Trailer:

I will be front and center for “Eva the Owlet” with my grandbaby. 

Do you plan to check out the series when it premieres?

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