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Colman Domingo via Instagram

It’s National Coming Out Day and Colman Domingo took to social media to share his story. 

The 52-year-old “Euphoria” star recalled coming out to his brother Rick when he was 21.

Domingo went on to share his experience coming out to parents and closed out his post with encouraging words for others. 

Read his full post below. 

I came out when I was 21.

First to my brother Rick. In front of a strip club that he took me to. The ladies loved my fly ass brother Rick.

After telling him that I was gay, he paused. He made a few lighthearted jokes in disbelief. He then embraced me and said, “I love you anyway.”

He told my sister Averie. She was mad. Mad that I didn’t tell her first! Then she said I should share this with my parents.

I picked up the phone and called. Terrified of losing their love. Mom sounded confused, concerned but somehow relieved.

She felt a chasm that was growing between us as she asked about “who am I dating” and I started to call less.

She told my stepfather. And handed him the receiver. He got on with all the grumble of his blue collar masculine tone. “You know, what your mom said?

Well, you are a good boy and that is all that matters. And there is nothing you can tell me that would make me stop loving you.”

I sobbed.

Then I told my baby brother Phil who thought it was cool! ?

I heard horror stories of Coming Out. I prayed that it wouldn’t be my story.

There are many stories that are unlike mine. But the risk was everything. To be completely who I was. To challenge the love that others had for me. To challenge the love that was growing for myself.

Today may not be your time to do it, but maybe tomorrow. You will find your tribe.

Happy National Coming Out Day. Tell your story. ? ✨✨✨?️‍? @ogata_photo camera ?

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Hoping everyone who comes out is met with unconditional love and support.

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