Essence Atkins

Essence Atkins is the latest acting veteran to join the cast of “Reasonable Doubt” Season 2.

Onyx Collective announced the exciting casting news on Wednesday.

Essence will play the role of Dr. Brandy Michaels.

Dr. Brandy Michaels is an expert on domestic violence. On the stand, she pointedly explains to the court how many victims stay in abusive relationships.

Reasonable Doubt” Season 2 also welcomes Melissa Ponzio and Vaughn W. Hebron to the cast.

Melissa will play the role of Lucy Wargo, a by-the-book, officious new District Attorney.

Lucy is extremely ambitious and driven, but hides those qualities behind an icy determination to do the right thing.

Vaughn will star as Adrian Hunter, an NFL player and the late JT’s mentee.

He assists Jax in going through his mentor’s memorabilia and affixing price tags to items.

Court Resumes August 22 On Hulu!

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