Erica Banks

If you want to go clubbing with Erica Banks, you have to pass her checklist.

In a video, which is circulating on social media, the rapper ran down her list of requirements to go clubbing with her.

Erica Banks states:

If she don’t look how I want her to look physically, I don’t want her to come because the look of everything is so important to me.

Like, if she ain’t thick enough… Nope! Hair not did good enough… Nope! Can’t dress… Nope! Ahh, skinny… Nope!

And it’s like I don’t feel like I’m discriminating, I just want a certain type of look.

She can be the sweetest girl I ever met in my life, but if she don’t look the part I don’t want her to come.

Like, that’s just not the vibe I’m on.

Now she can come to the cookout, she can come to the listening party, but the club I feel like b**ches got to look a certain way to come.

Watch the video of Erica Banks saying her club girls must have a certain aesthetic below:

Who Is Erica Banks?

Erica Banks is a 23-year-old female rapper from DeSoto, Texas.

After releasing three mixtapes, she signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment, which released her first self-titled mixtape in 2020.

Her first charting single “Buss It” came from her self-titled mixtape. “Buss It” went viral on TikTok.

Watch the “Buss It” video below:

Erica’s club logic of thick women over skinny women was met with mixed emotions on Twitter.

Some people were confused because Erica is rumored to have had a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), and others felt like a lot of women share Erica’s opinion.

Scoop some tweets below:

Erica responded to the backlash by stating she is entitled to her opinion, and that she loves her skinny/smaller women, but thick women are more of a vibe in the club.

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