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Elite Noel Was NOT Happy About Keyshia Cole & O.T. Genasis’ Verzuz Moment (Video)

Fans loved the Verzuz moment when Keyshia Cole publicly buried the hatchet with O.T. Genasis, but her sister, Elite Noel, didn’t like it one bit.

You may recall, Keyshia and O.T. had a very ugly online beef after he released an unauthorized version of her hit single, “Love.”

At one point, Neffe jumped in the mix to defend her sister.

While it felt gimmicky for O.T. Genasis to pop up in the middle of Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz battle, it was good to see they had moved past their beef.

Elite Noel wasn’t here for it one bit!

She took to Instagram to voice her disdain for O.T. and the fact that Keyshia hugged the same man who said he sold crack to their mother, Frankie Lons.

Watch below:


While I’m all for peace, love, and hair grease…there are some things you just can’t ever say to me and lines you can never cross.

Saying you sold crack to my mother is one of them.

What are your thoughts on Keyshia’s reconciliation with O.T.?

Should Elite Noel let it go and get over it?

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