Elijah McClain’s parents spoke out on the grand jury indictments Thursday (September 2) on “CBS This Morning.”

Elijah McClain was administered a lethal dose of ketamine from two paramedics after being choked and forced to the ground by three police officers responding to a suspicious person call in 2019.

Elijah’s mother, Sheneen McClain, explained that when Elijah was saying “I’m just different,” in the body cam video footage, that she did everything in her power as a single mom to make sure Elijah wasn’t a statistic.

When he was saying “I’m just different” I had did everything in my power as a single mom to make sure he wasn’t a statistic.

He really was innocent, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Sheneen McClain was asked, “If those three police officers and two paramedics are watching right now, what do you want them to know?”

She responded:

That they don’t deserve the uniforms that they were wearing that night.

They don’t deserve to be in the field that they are in because they disrespect life.

Elijah’s father, LaWayne Mosley, was asked the question, “What does justice look like to you?”

 He responded:

We can’t bring my son back, but we can hold them accountable.

Wednesday, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced a 32 count indictment against two current and one former police officer and the two paramedics involved in McClain’s death.

One of the officers was fired last year after texting pictures mimicking the choke hold used on Elijah McClain.

The Aurora, Colorado city manager said in a statement, that the officers have been suspended without pay pending the investigation of the case.

The Fire Fighters Union representing the two paramedics says it is standing by the legal process.

It is terrible that it has taken two years for these indictments to be issued. 

Watch the “CBS This Morning” report below:

The three officers and two paramedics involved in this tragedy need to be held fully accountable.