Eddie Murphy Talks Having Movie Night With Sammy Davis Jr. & Being Snowed In At Rick James House For 2 Weeks

Eddie Murphy was recently on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new Netflix movie, You People, and he shared some funny celebrity stories.

Jimmy Kimmel asked Eddie if it was true that he watch the movie Cocoon with Sammy Davis Jr. at his house, and Eddie explained that Sammy use to have movie night at his house on Tuesdays and all the stars would be there.

Yes, that is true. 

I wasn’t the only one there Sammy would have movie night on Tuesday night and you would go there and all the stars, like, I saw uh Steve and Eydie Gormé, Lucille Ball, and, you know, Michael would be there…

Once Jimmy confirmed Eddie was talking about Michael Jackson, he told a funny story about MJ hiding behind the door at the Cocoon movie night because there were too many people in the room.

As the interview continued, Jimmy attempted to have an amazing moment after Eddie told him if they have an amazing moment, then the interview may appear in his documentary.

Jimmy then asked Eddie, “Did you at one time get snowed in at Rick James’ house in Buffalo, and how long were you there?”

Eddie confirmed that it was true, and he was snowed in with the “Super Freak” singer for two weeks.

He said they were supposed to go up for the weekend to record the song “Party All The Time,” but he had so much fun in those two weeks that it is now one of his fondest memories.

Watch the clip of the Eddie Murphy interview from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below:

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