Eboni K. Williams is the first African American female to be on “The Real Housewives of New York,” and she said she was excited to bring her castmates to Harlem.

Eboni is a lawyer and television host who you may know from her co-hosting roles on “State of the Culture” on Revolt TV, or WABC Radio in New York City, or Fox News Channel’s 2017 show “Fox News Specialists.”

She has also become a regular guest on the New York morning show “The Breakfast Club” where she breaks down political narratives and gives legal advice.

In October 2020, she was cast as the first African American Woman to be on the 13th season of “The Real Housewives of New York.”

When asked why it took so long to bring some diversity to the cast, she quoted Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise, who said, “There is no good reason.”

There is no good reason why a city as culturally diverse as New York, actually 55% Black and Latino populous for women here, has never had a Black or woman of color in 13 years… No good reason!

But, the good news is we’ve tried to rectify that, it’s a start. The work continues, and that’s a part TJ of why I do approach this season with a kind of… you know… urgency a little bit to go ahead and get to these important conversations.

And, sharing the lens of what New York is like through the eyes of a woman of color.

Watch the GMA video below:

Eboni is not a housewife, but who is on these shows these days? She reportedly broke up with her fianće during quarantine.

The 13th season is taped during quarantine and the BLM movement, and Eboni doesn’t mind getting a lil bit of straightenin out of her castmates.

Watch some S13 RHONY video clips below:

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