Dwight Howard Says He ‘Wanted To Do Whatever Shaq Did’ Until He Found Out Shaq Had A Problem With Him

Dwight Howard recently revealed on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast that he emulated Shaq until he found out Shaq had a problem with him.

I wanted to do whatever Shaq did.

If that was dunking on everybody, I wanted to dunk on everybody.

But, he took offense to it like I was trying to disrespect him, and I’m, like, bruh why?…

You the most dominant player to ever play basketball.

Shaq got a problem with me, so I don’t know what it is or why he has an issue with me.

Dwight Howard said he did have a conversation with Shaq, but at the time he didn’t realize Shaq had a problem with him until he started seeing Shaq in more and more interviews being critical of him.

Shannon Sharpe asked Dwight if he thinks Shaq didn’t like him because he adopted the Superman moniker, and Dwight made valid points about the moniker not belonging to Shaq, and that it wasn’t that serious because it was just a nickname.

Watch the video clip from the “Club Shay Shay” podcast below:

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