Dwight Howard Channels Sho’nuff For His WWE Tryout

Dwight Howard Channels Sho’nuff In His WWE Tryout

Dwight Howard recently channeled Sho’nuff from The Last Dragon during a WWE tryout, and he kilt it!

See the WWE promo that Dwight cut as Sho’nuff, in front of Triple H and other WWE execs below:

Dwight is a huge wrestling fan, and he came to Nashville, Tennessee to check out SummerSlam.

He decided to seize the day while he was in town and try out for the WWE, along with some college athletes.

Dwight says his passion still resides in the NBA, but he would love to start a WWE career when he retires.

I think it is something in my future. I love the WWE. I love wrestling,

I’m grateful and thankful for this opportunity to be here and just witness this whole thing, tryouts, and everything.

Hopefully one day in the future, I’ll actually be in the ring, wrestling and holding up a belt.

Watch the video below:

Do you think Dwight Howard could be a successful wrestler in the WWE.

Source: TMZ

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